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Emma Dansak

Musician & Astrologer
Website under construction 🙃 Plz do not look too closely
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Professionally trained violist (& capable violinist) local to the Auburn, AL; multi-genre improviser on viola and violin available for live and recorded gigs; composer and arranger to add string parts to your thing; Schubert & Mozart nerd; violist of the esteemed and renowned Gaulway Ramblers

{photograph: Laurel Photography}

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Violin & Viola Lessons

(As "Mockingbird Violin Studio.") Classical violin and viola lessons in Auburn, AL. This page is for both prospective and current students.

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Astrology {& Human Design}

(As "Studio Theophania.") Accessibly-priced tutoring-style conversations about astrology and your chart to help structure your study. Lengthy and luxurious written readings for the big spender. Maybe some ruminations here instead of just on tumblr and tiktok.