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I  have professional training in viola performance in the classical tradition. This is the foundation of my style; however, I play comfortably in many genres and can improvise. I play violin at a high level, but have not played professional-level classical repertoire on it.

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BM Viola Performance: Vanderbilt University 2012, John Kochanowski

MM Viola Performance: University of Michigan 2015, Yizhak Schotten

I currently serve as principal violist for the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra. The picture on the right depicts five female principals at an LSO concert, including my first teacher, Dr. Lorna Wood.

I have also substituted frequently for the Columbus Symphony and am generally up for whatever. I like and have extensive experience playing Episcopal church services.

Mozart and Schubert are my favorite composers, and it's a common fantasy of mine to design and pursue a special degree in Mozart and Schubert studies.

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Weddings and Events

If you are looking for classical string music at your wedding or other event, I would love to play for you!

For solo performances or performances with piano, I have a little binder I love full of music I love. I like to balance traditional beautiful classical selections with less-heard beautiful classical selections.

For larger ensembles, I can put you in touch with other people who have such binders.

Requests for most standard repertoire can be accommodated for free; unusual repertoire can be accommodated for a purchase or arrangement fee.

If you don't know what you want, I can make the selections for you or walk you through some choices.

Improvisation, Recording, Other Genres, etc

I'm comfortable and experienced at adding string sounds to projects of almost any genre. I have a strong basis in music theory and analysis, strong enough that I know how to be free of it. I enjoy being part of others' projects, and pride myself on intuiting and reproducing your inner auditory vision... your ausion...

I can also compose, transcribe, and arrange written parts using NoteFlight, as easy as falling off a log. I want to add more of this work to my resume, so if you want something like this, be in touch with me about beta-level pricing.


Hear my studio work

All string parts here are original compositions or improvisations.

Wiregrass, Instrumental Seasons (Nashburg Studio, Childersberg, AL 2019)

"Mountain Breezes"

"River Dreams"

"Winter's Shadow"

"Written in the Stars"

Ted McVay, Voices in my Head
(The Sound Wall, Opelika, AL 2017)

"Moonfall Waltz"


The Gaulway Ramblers, The Gaulway Ramblers (The Loft, Columbus, GA 2022)

All tracks except for Holly Bush/Ivy Leaf