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German song series #1

OK! I have been listening to and refining my German Immersion Playlist for very many months, and it's time to start engaging more deeply with the songs so that I can actually learn from them rather than just absorbing them.

Here's a link to the playlist.

My process is as follows:

1. Select a new song each day by shuffle

2. Create a PDF with the German text and google-translate-provided translation

3. Study and sing along with the text until I can sing it and understand the words at the same time

4. Publish blog posts with the text/translation, a photo of my study sheet, and other questions and comments

5. Present any lingering questions to two German-language-related subreddits.

I hope to at least do an initial series of twelve of these songs.

The first song is by Die Prinzen: Küssen verboten !!!

Die Prinzen Küssen verboten PDF
Download PDF • 95KB

I have several songs by Die Prinzen in my playlist. They have a wide variety in topics and sounds, but seem to mostly be lighthearted. The vocals are tight and that's because these guys are all choirboys (from Bach's choir in Leipzig). This song is from the perspective of someone who does NOT like kissing. I don't have any questions about anything that's being said.

I have a favorite new word from this song: Verknallen, to have a crush on someone.

Feucht/Wet is also new.

"Leiden" as a verb is new to me, it's like "bear [burdens]." It's the same word as "pain." Do we have that in English? We have "take pains."

"Geschenken machen" is new, it's "make" gifts not "give" gifts

Here are my questions for Reddit:

-"ran." What is "ran"??? Is it short for "heran"?

-"Du wäschst bei mir ab" - What is the context that makes it "wash the dishes" here? Or is google translate being too specific?

-Here "bei mir" means "for me / on my behalf." It seems like "bei mir" means a whole lot of things. I would be interested in seeing other sentences where it functions in this particular way

Here's my Lernsheet

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