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Music diary 7/24/23

Happy Leo season! A good use of this blog might be recording what musical activities I do.

Last Sunday I put down some tracks on a song with Larry Mitchell. That was super fun and something I'm looking forward to doing much more of. I want to do more arranging and there was a tantalization of that... hahaha

This Sunday - yetsterday?! I've had so many sleeps since then - I played The Swan at Holy Trinity with Jane. I think I'll put the viola part up on IMSLP. Maybe I'll pull the piano part more neatly together in noteflight too, and have it be a complementary set.

The Swan is such a beautiful soaring piece. I am watching the recording from it. I will not be posting it, holy smokes. Maybe I should stick to Loretta Lynn. In my defense I was feeling under the weather. Let the record show. Sheesh.

I'm listening to Chants Of India pretty much over and over. (That's a spotify link.)

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